Hotel Delfino’s sea resort

Enjoy yourself at one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island


Hotel Delfino offers its guests a fully equipped beach from 23 May (excluding the first three rows) at the Delfino Seaside Resort (included in the fee*). Located only a few steps from the Hotel, the resort is right in the middle of the charming beach at the Gulf of Procchio with its powdery sand.

Delfino Sea Resort is the ideal place to spend a pleasant day at the shore.

Not only can you relax under the umbrella in a comfortable lounger, we also provide private cabanas, dressing rooms, cold and hot showers, foot-baths, private bathrooms, services for the disabled, storage units for inflatable boats and even a reading area in the shade.

Security and surveillance are guaranteed by our certified professional lifeguards.

Elba’s Procchio Beach is one of the loveliest on the islands and Skyscanner has included it in its classification of Italy’s Top Ten beaches.

This special acknowledgment is due to the quality of the beach’s year-round cleanliness, the crystal clear water and the beauty of the surrounding areas and landscape.

* applicable only for direct booking and not for reservations made

Service not included in formula apartment


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Enjoy a lavish snack while sipping a cool aperitif


The charming Dolphin Bay Snack Bar right next door to the Sea Resort offers guests delicious breakfasts, cold dishes and excellent aperitifs to make your day at the beach even more memorable.

snack bar Dolphin bay

Hotel Delfino

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