Environmental Policy

We love nature and do everything we can to safeguard it


We witness the originality of nature every single day right outside our door. Perhaps this is why we feel so strongly about protecting it and doing our very best to make sure our environment remains as is – as we know and love it.

We have given a lot of thought to how we can best take care of it and expose it to as little damage as possible.


Hotel Delfino has been awarded TripAdvisor’s “Eco Leader Platinum” certificate and confirms the staff’s ongoing commitment to meeting all the needs of our Guests and respecting the environment.

We are aware of the fact that, as a hotel, we consume water and electricity while producing waste and using dangerous substances. Therefore, we have:


  • Written up a policy to inform our guests and raise their awareness of a more attentive use of water and electricity and better waste management
  • Installed tap flow reducers
  • Synchronized lighting (switch on/off) in common areas with a dusk sensor
  • Replaced kitchen equipment with new energy-saving machinery
  • Positioned recycling waste bins in specific areas
  • Installed solar panels to heat water
  • Stipulated an electricity supply contract in which a portion is derived from renewable sources
  • Installed low-energy LED bulbs
  • Replaced air-conditioning units with new inverter technology units
  • Invested in a new computerized irrigation system to improve management of outdoor water resources


We do not use cloth napkins or tablecloths at our restaurant in order to avoid polluting the environment with detergents and wasting water and electricity.

As an alternative, we have chosen to use biodegradable and recycled napkins along with disposable biocompatible placemats or washable ones made in synthetic materials.


Moreover, we have installed measuring devices for our dishwashers, glass-washers and cleaning products that discharge only the necessary amount.


However, our commitment is not only to the applicable legislative requirements. We are dedicated to this environmental policy and are constantly trying to improve our contribution to this cause.


We kindly ask you, our guests, to help us achieve our goals to improve. Please try to use the resources at your disposal wisely and separate your waste correctly. We are currently concentrating our efforts on reducing environmental impact and improving our services in the following sectors:


  • Improving the efficiency of waste collection and management
  • Reducing the waste of natural resources in general
  • Reducing energy consumption



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