Hotel Delfino Regulations

(please read carefully)


Dear Guest,

The Management and Staff at Hotel Delfino would like to welcome you and share the House Rules with you.

Please read these Regulations and Code of Conduct carefully. Guests are requested to follow them in order to avoid disturbing others or harming the environment. Most importantly, this facility hosts the many guests who have chosen to stay here so we ask you to respect it and care for it as if you were in your own home. In order to make sure that everyone enjoys their holiday, we request you not only observe legal requirements but to use your conscience and respect your fellow guests as well.

These regulations are an essential part of our confirmation e-mail.


Guests must provide identification documents at their arrival for registration unless these documents have already been sent via e-mail for express check-in.

For security reasons, guests are not allowed to bring people who are not registered guests into their rooms at any time without the express prior permission from the reception office. These are also required to show their ID documentation.

Upon your arrival you will be asked for your credit card number as a guarantee for any damage and removal within the hotel room.


Children & minors

Parents (or legal guardians) are to be held responsible for their children’s conduct inside the Hotel and must supervise them at all times. Do not leave children alone in the bedrooms and various common areas. Ensure that their behaviour does not disturb the other guests in any way. More specifically, children are not to be disruptive and must use the bathrooms and the equipment the Hotel places at the disposal of its guests in a proper manner. We kindly request parents to make sure their children do not run around the restaurant during mealtimes.



Rooms are cleaned daily by 2:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. for the Guest House) if the Guest vacates the room. If the room is occupied, it will be cleaned the following day.

Furthermore, we request that you do not leave towels hanging out to dry on balcony railings.

Each room is equipped with a clotheshorse.

Linens and towels are distributed pursuant to 3-star hotel standards.

Bath towels are changed up to two times per week and bed linens are changed once a week. Use your own discretion if you wish to use towels for a longer period.

Please pay special attention to your children. Accidents can happen and sometimes… they wet the bed. Please keep the mattresses clean.

An extra fee is applied for a more frequent change in bed linens and bath towels.



There is no dress code. Guests are requested, however, to not enter bare-chested or while wearing a dirty/sandy/ wet swimsuit.


Breakfast and hygiene & food safety

Breakfast is to be eaten only in the restaurant’s Dining Hall.

Guests are not allowed to take breakfast food and beverages out of the restaurant.

For hygiene & food safety purposes, we request that the food you keep in your room is properly stored. Please avoid getting crumbs on the floors.


Damage & Theft

Anyone who damages the building, property, equipment etc. will be held legally responsible, pursuant to applicable regulations.

Intentional theft and damage will be reported immediately to the Authorities.

Hotel staff inspects rooms upon departure. The cost of replacements or damage repair or misplacement of keys will be charged to the guest’s final bill.

It is strictly forbidden to take anything found in Hotel rooms, bathrooms or other rooms in the facility outdoors. The value of the stolen objects will be charged to our guests.


Noise & Rest

Behaviour, activity, games as well as the use of devices inside the Hotel that might disturb other guests are to be avoided at all times, especially between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Please do not slam doors shut and keep the volume of the television low.

These are some simple rules to ensure that resting guests are not disturbed.


Amendments to Regulations

Hotel Management reserves the right to change these rules for reasons of expediency and the function of services. Any changes will be posted in the reception hall as well as on the Hotel’s website.

If guests fail or refuse to comply with one or more points on this list of Hotel regulations, the Hotel will be obliged to cancel their accommodations and the related contract as well as the related financial and legal consequences unless the failure or refusal to comply with these regulations results in notifying the Authorities. In that case, there is reason to suppose a crime has been committed.



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